Never take anything for granted!

(Old Town Square — Prague)
My first time in US! I felt like in GTA.
(Mountain View, Palo Alto)
(Golden Gate Bridge & Stanford)
(Corona Heights Park)
(Waipio Valley — this is also the place where I sank the GoPro camera — R.I.P)
(Shitty iPhone quality)
(Seems like my waterproof camera wasn’t that much water proof at all. Thanks Canon)
(Don’t let the looks deceive you. That beach below took more than 80 lifes already.)
( Some fish looked like from Finding Nemo, I swear!)
(This could be us)



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Marek Dlugos

Marek Dlugos

Tech guy. Ex-designer, currently helping companies to grow their revenue with software. 👨‍💻